Open Session

Following the previous meeting, ESJ72 will feature symposia (open sessions) that involve the addition of new presentation categories. We invite symposium conveners to propose "themes." If selected, these themes will be used to organize symposia, and the proposed "themes" will be added as new categories for general presentations.

Applicants for oral presentations, poster presentations, and workshops can select these new categories as their preferred presentation fields (excluding symposia). Presentations accepted in these categories will be scheduled consecutively with the open session or given priority for poster displays near the session venue.

This procedure offers conveners more opportunities to interact with more speakers and audience members than regular symposia. Also, general presenters can expect to engage in direct discussions and interactions with symposium organizers. We encourage those planning to propose symposia to review the following guidelines and consider applying for an open session.


Theme Proposal

Conveners are invited to propose a "theme."

Symposium Planning After Selection

If selected, conveners will organize a symposium based on the proposed theme. It is not necessary to decide the speakers or details of the presentations at the time of the proposal application. Preparation, such as recruiting speakers, can proceed freely after selection. Non-members can also be included as speakers (see Note 1).

Review and Selection

The ESJ72 Planning Committee will review the proposed "themes" and select 1-2 based on the review results.

Review Criteria

The review will focus on the "appeal of the theme in ecology," "expected impact at the conference," and "clear differentiation from existing categories." We encourage proposals that address recent trends or themes not previously covered by the Ecological Society.

Coordination with General Presentations

Conveners of accepted themes will receive a list of oral presentations, poster presentations, and workshops submitted under the new category. Conveners may select presentations if necessary. Unselected presentations will be reallocated to secondary categories, but the right to present will not be lost. Note that posters presented in the open session category will not be eligible for poster awards (see Note 2).

Proposal Submission

Proposals can be co-authored, but only one person should be designated as the contact. The submission deadline is Wednesday, July 31, at 23:59 JST. Notification of acceptance or rejection is planned for August.

Application Procedure

Submit proposals via the application Google Form.

The proposal should include the following information: 1. Name of the principal applicant, affiliation, and email address 2. Proposed theme and objectives 3. Reasons for proposing the theme (impact on the conference and the field by introducing the theme as a new category) 4. Additional information related to the theme (e.g., relevant papers, international treaties) Note: Item (4) is just additional information related to Item (3). Journal impact factor in which relevant papers were published is not considered as a review criteria.

Note 1: The ESJ72 Symposium includes an "invited speaker" system.

The ESJ72 Symposium includes an "invited speaker" system. This allows distinguished non-members (domestic or international) to give lectures without a conference participation fee. There is no limit on the number of invited speakers, but travel expenses will not be covered. Additionally, the same non-member cannot be invited to speak at two consecutive conferences.

Note 2: Posters presented in the open session category will not be eligible for poster awards.

This is because securing judges for new themes is challenging. Therefore, poster presentations in open sessions are not eligible for poster awards.

Reference: Common Guidelines for Regular Symposia

  1. Symposium organizers (including co-organizers) must be regular members of the Ecological Society of Japan.
  2. Symposia will be held for approximately three hours.
  3. Those proposing themes must also apply for presentations in the same way as general presentations. The registration deadline is the same as for other general presentations.

We look forward to receiving your proposals.

For inquiries and requests related to this matter, please contact Dr. Hisashi Sato, Chair of the Symposium Committee of the ESJ72 Planning Committee (Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology): hsatoscb [at]

Written by: Hisashi Sato, Chair of the ESJ72 Symposium Committee