The 71st Annual Meeting of the Ecological Society of Japan

Call for Proposals for the Ecological Research Symposium (ER Symposium)

We invite proposals for the ER symposium at the 71th annual meeting of the Ecological Society of Japan (ESJ71), which will be held in March 2024.
The ER symposium is a special session that features a distinguished researcher from a foreign institute or university, with free admission to the ESJ meeting. Travel expenses for the speaker will be reimbursed. Invited speakers are requested to submit a research or review paper, related to the symposium to the Ecological Research (ER) journal. The accepted manuscript will be published as open access whose costs will be owned by the Society.
The ER symposium was suspended due to the pandemic but is now resumed. We are planning to accept one speaker to ESJ71 as ‘ER-invited speaker’. We look forward to receiving applications from organizers who are planning to invite overseas speakers to ESJ71. Please read the ER Symposium guideline below.

Call for Proposals for the ER Symposium

  1. The ER-invited speakers can participate in all meetings and the banquet for free.
  2. The ER-invited speaker is requested to submit at least one article (review paper or special issue paper) to Ecological Research. The accepted manuscript will be published as open access whose costs will be owned by the Society.
  3. The number of ER-invited speakers is limited to one per symposium.
  4. ER symposium language is English only.
  5. Any nationality is acceptable for the ER-invited speakers.
  6. Symposium proposals are reviewed by the symposium committee of ESJ 71. The number of symposiums is one or more (two symposiums were adopted as ER symposium for ESJ 71).
  7. The ER symposium encourages invitations of foreign researchers who have not previously been invited as the ER-invited speakers in the past ESJ meetings. The speakers who have been invited to ER symposium in the past will be given low priority. Contributing an article to Ecological Research by the ER-invited speakers is considered as a key requirement of being designated as the ER symposium. Plans to re-invite previous ER invited speakers who have not contributed to the ER may be rejected. When submitting a proposal, the organizer should make sure that all the candidate speakers agree with this requirement.
  8. To apply for the ER Symposium, please fill in the following information in the dedicated form and submit it before 23:59 (Japanese standard time) on 31 August 2023. Judgment for adoption as ERsymposium will be made in September 2023, and the result will be noticed before the end of the month.
  9. The ER symposium proposal must contain:
  • Applicant Information
    • Contact Email Address
    • Name
    • Affiliation
    • Title and abstract of the symposium, and a list of Authors
  • The candidate ER invited speaker information
    • Name
    • Affiliation
    • Reasons for requesting ER invitation (Please describe how the ER invited speaker can enhance the value of the symposium, benefits for the members of the ecological society through the ER invited talk and contributed paper, etc.): Approximately 100 words.
    • Information about “Representative Papers” and their “Citation Counts” for the ER invited speaker (Up to 5 papers). Note that the publication list is used as a reference by the symposium committee to confirm that the speakers invited by Ecological Research undoubtedly fulfill the information.
  • Proposed Symposium Information
    • Symposium Title (in English)
    • Outline of the symposium: Approximately 200 words
    • Organizers and speakers of the symposium
    • Outline of the paper(s) planned for ER contribution.

Note: At the ESJ71 symposium, there is a system called “the invited speaker” in addition to “the ER-invited speaker”. Under the “the invited speaker” system, superior non-ESJ members (in and outside of Japan) can be invited as guest speakers for whom the meeting entrance fee is waived. However, the conference does not provide travel expenses for “the invited speaker”. There are no restrictions on the number of people for the invited speaker system. If your suggestion is not adopted for the ER symposium, please consider to apply the “the invited speaker” system.

Reference: Call for Proposals for the Normal Symposium (common to ER Symposium)

  1. Only ESJ members can be symposium organizers (including co-organizers).
  2. To deepen exchanges with various academic research fields, organizers can invite non-ESJ members as guest speakers. The invited speakers are provided with free entry. However, the same non-ESJ member cannot be invited as a speaker for two consecutive years.
  3. If you are planning a symposium on the same theme as a past ESJ, please include information on any research progress made since then. We cannot accept applications with the same title and abstract as a past ESJ.
  4. The duration of a symposium is c.a. three hours
  5. The deadline for abstract submission for each talk is the same as that for the oral/poster presentation submission.

If you have any questions or need further clarification, please feel free to contact Hibiki Noda, in charge of ER Symposium:
noda.hibiki at

We look forward to receiving applications from potential organizers.
Chief of ESJ71 Symposium Committee,
Makoto Tokuda