The 71st Annual Meeting of the Ecological Society of Japan

Basic Meeting Information


The 71th Annual Meeting of the Ecological Society of Japan (ESJ71)
Dates: March 16–21, 2024
Venues: Online / Yokohama National University


16 Mar
17 Mar
18 Mar
19 Mar
20 Mar
21 Mar
General meeting
Award lectures
Online exchange meeting
Oral presentations
Poster presentations○ ※1○ ※1
Program for high school students○ ※1○ ※1
Ecological lectures for junior and high school student
Public lectures

※1 Poster presenters (including high school students posters) may, if they wish, display their posters at the on-site venue on March 19 and 20.


  • The meeting will be held “online” (March 16 and 17) and “hybrid” (onsite + online, March 18–21).
  • We will use ONLINE CONF as the online platform. Participants will be able to view the schedule and the abstracts for each session on the platform. It will also be possible to access the sessions, oral presentations, and poster presentations.
  • On March 16 and 17, All presentations except poster will be conducted using Zoom meetings.Oral presentations require the file upload of pre-recorded lecture videos. The uploaded lecture videos will be made available on ONLINE CONF as well as streamed via Zoom at the time of presentation. Zoom will allow presenters to conduct a live Q&A session after the lecture videos have finished playing.
  • Poster presentations on March 16 and 17 will be conducted using poster files uploaded to the platform (ONLINE CONF), which participants will be free to browse during ESJ71. During core time, presenters can use video conferencing to explain their poster and answer questions to the audience.
  • Presentations on March 18-21 will be given at the venue (Yokohama National University) and simultaneously streamed in real time via zoom. Those who have made online poster presentations (including high school students’ posters) may also display their posters at the venue on March 19 and 20, if they wish.
  • All talks, with the exception of “Oral presentations”, will be recorded and made accessible to participants on the platform from one or two business days after the presentation to three weeks after the ESJ71 meeting (on-demand streaming). The availability of the recordings will be confirmed to the presenter at registration.


Online exchange meeting

We will be organizing online exchange meetings using Spatial Chat. After each session of oral presentations (symposia and workshops), we will set a 30-minute social time. The participants will be welcomed to join the social spaces of the sessions they have attended. Please enjoy the opportunity to meet other participants in your field. Of course, you may also be able to make other social interactions outside the sessions you have attended. To make ESJ71 a productive meeting, we welcome your active participation.

Online banquet

The banquet of ESJ71 will be held in an online format using SpatialChat. It will be open to all ESJ71 participants (except high school students and the audience members using a workshop ticket). The banquet will be free of charge. No registration is required. Details will be announced on the official website and the platform of ESJ71.


For detailed information on how to register, please see the Registration Guidelines, Oral and poster presentation sessions, and Session Proposal Guidelines pages.


Regular participants and studentsAudience member for workshops only※Undergraduate students who will not give presentations
Junior and high school students
Payment of registration fee
2nd Oct. 2023
– 16th Mar. 2024
2nd Oct. 2023
– 31st Jan. 2024
1st Mar. 2024
– 16th Mar. 2024
Registration feeEarly bird discount price (~1/31)
Regular: 13,000 JPY
Students: 6,000 JPY
Normal price (3/1~)
Regular: 15,000 JPY
Students: 7,000 JPY
1,000 JPYFree

※ Online only, cannot participate in the onsite venue.

Deadlines for new (and renewed) membership registration, and payment of meeting registration fee

Application for membership by a non-memberTuesday, 31st Oct 2023, 23:59 (JST)
Payment of membership registration fee by a non-memberWednesday, 31st Jan. 2023, 23:59 (JST)
Payment of membership registration fee by ESJ membersWednesday, 31st Jan. 2023, 23:59 (JST)
  • After applying for your membership via the website, the ESJ Member Service Desk will notify you of a temporary member number. Please use this number for the submission of session proposals or presentations as described below.
  • Membership registrations are accepted at any time for participants who are not giving presentations. However, participants who wish to submit proposals and apply for presentations are required to get their temporary membership number and to complete registration by the 31st Oct. 2023 (submission of proposals and presentations will not be accepted later than 23:59). Please note that it may take some time between the membership registration and the issue of your temporary membership number. Your early registration would be appreciated. For details about membership, please refer to How to join.
  • Members who have not paid annual membership fee since 2022 will not be able to apply for the 2024 conference until the registration desk confirm the payment of the 2022 membership fee. Please make sure to pay the membership fee one week prior to the presentation deadline, as you will not be able to submit your presentation until we confirm your payment and update your status.

Deadlines related to organizers and presenters

Proposal of open-call sessionsMonday 31st Jul. 2023 23:59 (JST)
Proposal of ForumFriday 15th Sep. 2023 23:59 (JST)
Proposal of symposia and workshops
General presentations
Poster presentations by high school students
Tuesday 31st Oct. 2023 23:59 (JST)
Abstract registration for presentations in symposia, workshops, and forum/ general presentations
Abstract registration for poster presentations by high school students
Wednesday 31st Jan. 2024 23:59 (JST) ※1

※1 Please note that the abstract registration deadline is much earlier than in previous meetings.

  • The schedule may be subject to change, so please check the latest information on the ESJ71 official website.
  • Please note that we will not respond to any inquiries between 5:00 p.m. (JST) of each due date and 10:00 a.m. (JST) of the next day. Your early confirmation of the registration procedure would be appreciated.
  • No additions or corrections will be accepted after the due dates (we will not make corrections using errata).


ESJ71 respects diversity of participants. We expect ambitious proposals from researchers of diverse positions, genders, and nationalities. Also, organizers of symposia and workshops are requested to consider the speakers’ diversity when choosing the speakers.

Based on the “Act for Eliminating Discrimination Against People with Disabilities”, consideration will be given to participants requiring assistance. Please contact us from the inquiry page on the ESJ71 official website. If you would like to give a presentation, please contact us by 31st October 2023, or as soon as possible.


Programs and abstract books

ESJ71 will not create conventional meeting programs (PDF version and booklet) or abstract books. From around the end of December 2023, information such as meeting schedules and presentation information for each session (information previously published in the meeting programs) will be released on the ESJ71 official website, so please keep checking it. The abstracts of the presentations will be available on the official website from the end of February 2024. They will also be available on the meeting platform (ONLINE CONF) from around 1st March 2024.

Participation certificate/receipts

Participation certificate and receipts will be issued from ONLINE CONF, not from the registration system. They will be available after March 1, when ONLINE CONF will be open.

Using the meeting platform

  • To log in to the platform, each participant will need an ID and password. When you apply for participation and payment of the registration fee is completed, you will be notified of your login ID and password by email.
  • The platform will be fully functional around 1st March 2024. Please log in and check the operation methods.

Abolition of errata

ESJ71 will not accept corrections with errata after the submission of presentations or proposals for symposia/workshops. When applying or submitting the abstract of presentations, please make sure that the contents are correct. Especially for students who have little experience in attending academic meetings, please consult with your supervisors regarding titles and presenter information before applying.

Cancellation policy

If there are requests to cancel participation before the refund deadline (31st January 2024 for this meeting), refunds will be made. Bank transfer fees and other expenses cannot be refunded. As a rule, no refund will be given after the refund deadline is announced.

Handling of research achievements when presentations cannot be given at ESJ71

For applicants who have registered abstracts of presentations and paid the registration fee by the deadline, ESJ will approve the presentation information and abstracts as achievements, even if presentations cannot be given due to the following reasons:

  • Cancellation of the meeting due to fires, earthquakes, weather disasters, man-made disasters, infectious diseases, etc.
  • Failures of the meeting platform or large networks.
    If an applicant does not pay the registration fee by the deadline, their presentation information and abstract will be deleted from the ESJ71 abstract webpage and the presentation will not be approved as an academic achievement.

Display of Career Explorer images

If a student/postdoc speaker wishes, they can display a Career Explorer (CE) image indicating that they are looking for a job at the time of the oral or poster presentations. Please download the image from The Japan Society of Applied Physics website and display it near the title page of the oral presentations or the title of the posters. Permission to use CE images has been obtained.


ChairTakeshi Osawa
Vice ChairKazuo Takahashi
Steering subcommitteeTakuya Kobayashi, Koya Hashimoto, Kohei Takano, Daisuke Kyogoku, Masaru Sakai, Shunsuke Matsuoka, Yuuya Tachiki, Akifumi Tanabe, Shin-Taro Saiki, Michio Oguro
Symposium subcommitteeMakoto Tokuda, Hisashi Sato, Satoshi Ohdachi, Akiko Hirata, Yume Imada, Masaya Tamura, Yosuke Kurihara, Shuntaro Watanabe, Hibiki Noda, Wakana Azuma, Yuichi Isaka, Nobuo Imai
Poster subcommitteeTakahiro Hirano, Shota Nishijima, Shigeaki Hasegawa, Kimiko Hirayama, Saeko Matsuhashi, Satoshi Yamashita, Naoaki Shimada, Yumiko Higuchi, Akari Shibata, Dai Koide, Mitsutoshi Tomotsune, Tsubasa Toji, Misako Matsuba, Toshihito Takagi, Kentarou Matsumura, Ai Nagahama
Subcommittee of high school student poster presentationsKoki Katsuhara, Yo Yamasaki, Yuzu Sakata, Satoki Sakai, Ryo Sakurai, Tatsuya Saga, Haruna Fujioka, Ko Mochizuki, Hirotaka Komine, Miyabi Nakabayashi, Tetsuya Matsumoto, Satsuki Tsuji, Rie Miyata
Presentation composition subcommitteeShin-ichiro Matsuzaki, Hajime Tomimatsu, Toshifumi Minamoto, Hideki Mori, Sho Fukui, Akira Yoshioka, Naoki Katayama
English session subcommitteeMayuko Jomura, Kayoko Fukumori, Nobuaki Mizumoto, Makoto Kobayashi, Komei Kadowaki, Kaori Shiojiri, Hiroki Hata, Jamie M. Kass, Shunsuke Tei, Adachi Minako
Observer: Shinichi Tatsumi, Yuta Morii, Ryosuke Iritani
Online subcommitteeKeiichi Fukaya, Masaru Sakai, Shunsuke Matsuoka, Hirotaka Komine, Tetsuya Matsumoto, Dai Koide, Naoaki Shimada, Makoto Kobayashi, Adachi Minako, Makoto Tokuda, Hisashi Sato, Shin-ichiro Matsuzaki, Hajime Tomimatsu
Observer: Masaki Hoso


President of ESJ71Fumito Koike
ChairMaiko Kagami
Vice ChairTakehiro Sasaki
MembersWakana Azuma, Kiwako Araki, Yuichi Iwasaki, Satoshi Ohdachi, Michio Oguro, Ryo Kitagawa, Megumi Kimura, Kaoruko Kurata, Dai Koide, Hisashi Sato, Kohei Takenaka Takano, Gaku Takimoto, Makoto Tokuda, Hajime Tomimatsu, Ryosuke Nakadai, Shota Nishijima, Hibiki Noda, Akiko Hirata, Keiichi Fukaya, Sho Fukui, Takuya Furukawa, Kimiyo Matsumura, Shin-ichiro Matsuzaki, Hiroyuki Matsuda, Takahiro Morosawa, Yo Yamasaki, Akira Yoshioka